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Take the first step in patient safety. 

Get the skills you need to jumpstart your infection control program.

Get the skills, education, and support you need to feel more prepared. Don’t waste more time feeling overwhelmed — Jumpstart your infection control program today!

Whether you are an established practice or brand new practice owner, we've got you covered. Our Jumpstart Infection Control Coordinator Basics 1-hour course teaches you the latest precautions to take in your practice, based on CDC guidelines and OSHA standards. 

Are you ready to Jumpstart your infection control training?

What you'll learn in "Jumpstart ICC Basics" ...

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The purpose of an Infection Control Coordinator & 10 tips that support this role to implement a stronger infection prevention program .

Standard precautions & how each precaution should be implemented to prevent disease transmission according to the CDC guidelines & OSHA Standards.

Specific infection prevention practices that an Infection Control Coordinator can incorporate into a dental practice’s infection prevention program.

Standard operating procedures for an Infection Control Coordinator to implement  within the dental practice’s current infection prevention program.

About Us

As Dental Hygienists & Certified Infection Control Educators with 30+ Years of combined experience, we are excited to be offering infection control techniques, tips and prevention tips.  Our continuing education courses, knowledge, and certifications will provide you with all the information you need to keep everyone in your practice safe.


"Perfect for an overwhelmed newbie ICC . The course is on point, packed with much-needed info, fun to watch. Can definitely help boost the confidence and knowledge level of a beginner ICC."

- Catherine A.

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Great, we have answers

What is an Infection Control Coordinator (ICC)?

According to the CDC, every dental practice should have an Infection Control Coordinator or an ICC. This role is responsible for implementing an infection control program in the dental practice. 

What are some duties of an ICC?

An ICC, has a duty to manage the entire infection control & prevention program. Some of the duties include:​ implementing & monitoring compliance of standard operating procedures, providing written documentation to personnel of mandates & guidelines set forth by regulatory agencies, act as an infection prevention resource for the team, scheduling infection prevention & safety training and overseeing documentation of safety-related recordkeeping.

What training should an ICC complete?

Training is essential for an ICC to oversee an Infection Control & Prevention Program. At a minimum, the ICC should have basic knowledge of "microbiology, modes of transmission, infection prevention/safety procedures, & related governmental regulations/recommendations".

What is an Infection Control & Prevention Program?

According to OSAP, an Infection Control & Prevention Program is "the system of policies, procedures and practices that minimize the risk of transmission of microorganisms and disease, when properly implemented. The overall goal is patient and personnel safety. Important elements in achieving this include: guidelines, standards and regulations; professional standards and best practices; ethics; and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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