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Michelle Strange, an infection control coordinator, is being interviewed in a podcast

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A Culture of Safety in the Dental Practice: Where to Start & How to Make it Stick

A Culture of Safety in the Dental Practice: Where to Start & How to Make it Stick

Lack of rigorous safety protocols in the dental practice can threaten the health of your patients and team, and also place the entire practice at risk. The first step to making and keeping safety front and center is to create a ‘culture of safety’ — an environment with clearly defined safety protocols, a dedicated infection prevention coordinator, procedures that comply with the latest industry guidelines, easy-to-access documentation and ongoing team training. Join Michelle Strange, a practicing dental hygienist, educator and co-founder of Level Up Infection Prevention, for a deep dive into how to kickstart a culture of safety and keep it going. In addition, she will discuss how to: -Recognize the current safety culture in your practice and evaluate areas for improvement -Understand proper workflow in the sterilization area and potential legacy errors -Identify a team member who could serve as the infection prevention coordinator -Create a standard operating procedures document for the sterilization area that includes best practices for instrument reprocessing -Apply U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines and key aspects of a safety culture to mitigate infection prevention breaches Rely on Us. Learn more at Subscribe to our channel at Connect with us on: Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – LinkedIn –
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