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Celebrate 4 Years with Us and Score Our Infection Control Bundle Deal!

Our special bundle for top-notch infection prevention protocols and hands-on training!
Celebrate the 4-year anniversary of Level Up Infection Prevention with our unbeatable bundle deal! Get the Infection Control Coordinator Guidebook and Beyond the Basics digital course to elevate your dental clinic's infection prevention game. Learn why having an ICC is crucial for compliance, smooth operations, consistent practices, and stress-free inspections. Snag our special bundle for top-notch infection prevention protocols and hands-on training!

I am over the moon to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of Level Up Infection Prevention! To mark this milestone, we’ve put together an awesome bundle deal that’s too good to pass up. Say hello to our Infection Control Coordinator Guidebook and our must-have digital course, Beyond the Basics. If you’re ready to up your infection prevention game and keep your dental clinic running like a well-oiled machine, this bundle is your new best friend.

Why Your Dental Office Needs an Infection Control Coordinator (ICC)

You’ve probably heard the buzz about Infection Control Coordinators (ICC) from the CDC. But why are they such a big deal? Let’s break it down:

  1. Stay Compliant and Safe

An ICC makes sure your practice is always up to date with the latest infection prevention guidelines. This means fewer infections, happier patients, and a safer environment for everyone.

2. Smooth Operations

With an ICC, you’ll have neat and tidy records, logs, and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). No more scrambling to find that one crucial document or figuring out what comes next – your ICC has got it covered.

3. Consistency for All Staff

New hires? Temps? No problem! An ICC ensures everyone is on the same page, following the same top-notch infection prevention practices. Consistency is key to keeping things running smoothly.

4. Inspection Ready

Inspections can be nerve-wracking, but not with an ICC on your team! They’ll make sure you’re always ready, with all the right documentation and protocols in place. Stress-free inspections? Yes, please!

What ADS formerly OSAP Says About ICCs

The folks over at ADS (formerly OSAP) are big fans of ICCs, and here’s why:

- Leadership in Infection Control: Your ICC will be the go-to person for all things infection control, leading the way to a safer practice.

- Education and Training: They’ll keep your team in the know with regular training and updates on infection prevention.

- Policy Development: Crafting and updating policies and procedures is a breeze with an ICC, ensuring they fit your practice like a glove.

🎁 Snag Our Special Bundle Deal! 🎁

To celebrate with you, we’re offering an amazing bundle:

- Infection Control Coordinator Guidebook: Your ultimate resource for top-notch infection prevention protocols.

- Beyond the Basics Digital Course: Practical, hands-on training to elevate your ICC’s skills.

What’s Inside:

- A step-by-step guidebook

- Access to our digital course

- Handy labels, stickers, and calendars

- Quick tips for practical infection prevention

Ready to Level Up?

Don’t miss out on this fabulous chance to boost your infection control practices and join us in our anniversary celebration! Grab your bundle today and make your practice a beacon of safety and efficiency.

Thanks for being part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of keeping infection prevention top-notch!

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