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Dental infection control products market: What you need to know for 2021

During oral health treatments, infection control is of the utmost importance. Dental professionals can use some specific products and tools to help prevent the increased risk of virus and infections spreading for those visiting the dentist.

Healthcare workers have been paying more attention to the transmission of infections over the last few decades. Things such as direct contact with body fluids, contact with infected lesions, oral debris and spatter during procedures can all increase the risk of virus transmission for a patient during a dental procedure. This possible spread of disease is where dental infection control products come into play.

Dental health practitioners are continuously looking to broaden the scope of products used so that their patients do not contract an infection at their office. As technology continues to advance and infection prevention continues to be a vital component of oral healthcare, the market is likely to see continued growth in the coming years.

While it is true that hygiene techniques have dramatically improved in the last five decades, there are still some issues that practitioners face, particularly when it comes to dental infection control. With the increased risk for bloodborne and airborne pathogens spreading during treatments, dental practitioners are welcoming products that could help them clean, disinfect, and sterilize more effectively, offering better dental health care for their patients and reducing the risks of infections spreading.

What Is Driving The Market?

With the current pandemic, there is a high risk of transmission of this virulent coronavirus strain, so the current market is looking for ways to remedy the situation. The sheer danger of contracting this virus is causing many healthcare professionals to reassess their infection control methods.

This danger can cause a patient to postpone or cancel visits to the dental office even if they are in pain. By not seeing a dentist or hygienist for care, patients run the risk of developing other oral health issues. This necessity to encourage patients to return for in-patient appointments has spurred on a need for better and more well-suited products and is driving the market towards the predicted boost. Technology has also been advancing exponentially, paving the way for new and improved dental infection control products, offering more complete protection.

Consumables Will Dominate The Market Leaving Reusable Equipment In Second Place

The two specific product terms describing the dental infection product market are consumables and equipment. Equipment including cleaning monitors, ultrasonic cleaning units and other similar equipment are often big-ticket purchases and include reusable items such as metal syringe tips.

Meanwhile, consumables have various sub-divisions and segments such as hand hygiene (soap, lotion, sterilizing gels), personal protective equipment (PPE), waterline cleaning solutions, instrument cleaning solutions (lubricants, ultrasonic cleaning solutions, disinfectant, enzymatic decontamination, detergents), sterilization solutions, and other disposable accessories.

A report by Transparency Market Research found that consumables have a high user rate among dental laboratories, dental clinics, and hospitals. This usage is an attempt to prevent the transmission of infection and the cross-contamination that can occur. With the rise of new products by trusted vendors and the extra caution required during the COVID-19 crisis, the market is likely to be focused heavily on single-use consumables for the foreseeable future.

North America Leading The Market

The market's geographical segmentations include North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America looks likely to come out on top of the other regions regarding the current forecast period for the dental infection control products market.

This increase in market share could result from such factors as the high-quality insurance available in the region for dental care or the projected rise in dental diseases due to clinics being closed for some time. It could also come down to local, new product launches expected to occur throughout the forecast period.

Who Are The Key Players?

A few of the innovators of infection control products stand out from the rest, with the market including international and local players. Some of the global players forecasting as likely to emerge strongly from the pandemic include:

Meanwhile, many United States-based companies are also showing signs of robust market shares, including:

These ten companies will likely be front and center for the foreseeable future as they focus on innovative and new dental infection control products that will help get dentistry back on track.

These companies are working towards erasing infection spread in dentistry through their innovative products and services, and dental professionals in the US and beyond also need to continue to ensure that their patients receive the safest possible treatments. With the help of some of the products mentioned above, your dental office can do its bit in preventing the spread of infection in the chair and make receiving face-to-face dental treatments safe once more.

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